Public Rights Notice accessible version 20_21

Signed notice of Public Rights

Consultation on Removal of Permitted Development Rights from C3 (Dwelling House) to C4 (Small House of Multiple Occupation) in Burton on Trent

Houses of Multiple Occupation can be useful in meeting housing need and prove to be affordable and good quality housing for many people. Nevertheless, when there are significant concentrations of these properties in the same area it can cause issues. They can change the character of a location and may result in adverse impacts. For example, difficulties with bin storage, parking and higher levels of anti-social behaviour. They also reduce the amount of larger homes (3+bedrooms) that are available for families in some streets.

As such the Council wants to be able to manage their development and consider whether change of use from a family dwelling is acceptable in each case. Requiring planning permission will help to do this. The attached notice details how this change would be undertaken in legal terms.

Planning permission is currently required and will continue to be required to turn a dwelling into a home where more than six unrelated individuals live together.
ESBC’s Cabinet agreed on the 13th of September 2021 to consult the public on requiring planning please see the following letter and notice and click on the links below.