Tutbury Community Fund

As citizens of Tutbury you are no doubt aware of the construction ongoing at the Peveril Heritage Park site off Burton Road. As this development itself comes to a close the community face an important decision. As part of the planning permission for the site Peveril Homes agreed to construct a community centre on Bluebell Way, next to the large green space planned.

Some of you may remember the consultation meeting we had a few years back regarding the construction of the community building, which ended in broad approval from the public present for the planned building. Although the plans themselves were approved by the planning department, the East Staffordshire Borough Council decided against construction of the community building. Instead, they settled with Peveril Homes for a £250,000 community improvement fund for use within Tutbury.

The community improvement fund itself has been paid to the East Staffordshire Borough Council who will consider and approve schemes and funding proposed by the Parish Council.

The Parish Council are seeking feedback from yourselves as members of the community on what useful improvements could be made using such funds. For example, we could potentially use it to:

  • Improve local facilities such as Cornmill Lane, Ferrers Avenue playing fields etc
  • Construct a new community centre elsewhere in Tutbury, subject to Land owner and planning approval.
  • Recommend the refurbishment of existing buildings and facilities such as the Tutbury Old School and play areas, subject to Borough/County council approval

Please use this forum to pass suggestions across to us. We will also arrange future meetings to support face to face discussions on this topic.

If you would like more information regarding the proposed play area and supplementary planning information, please view the plans on the ESBC planning portal reference P/2018/01046, for the latest information. http://www.eaststaffsbc.gov.uk/Northgate/PlanningExplorer/ApplicationSearch.aspx


Russell Lock

(Chair of the Parish Council)

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