Tutbury Parish Council

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Russell Lock

Cllr Russell Lock (Chair of the Parish Council)

Phone: 01283 813499

Street Responsibilities: Chatsworth Drive, Green Lane, Ironwalls Lane, Lodge Hill, Tutbury Road, Rolleston Lane.

Garry Raybould

Cllr Lewis Anderson

Phone: 01283 569372

Street Responsibilities: High Street. Lower High Street (Ashleigh House), ludgate Street, Hillside

Francis Crossley

Cllr Francis Crossley

Phone: 01283 812054

Street Responsibilities: Church Street (Castle Court), Bridge Street,Monk Street, Hawthorn Grove (Needwood Court)

William Crossley

Cllr William Crossley

Phone: 01283 812620

Street Responsibilities: Cornmill Lane (Close Bank) Burton Road, Burton Street (Dove View)

Ken England

Cllr Ken England

Phone: 01283 354008

Street Responsibilities: Heritage Park/ Doves Keep

Cllr Lesley Evans

Phone: 01283 814070

Street Responsibilities: Portway Drive, Pinfold Close. Babbington Close, Cromwell Close,

David Morris

Cllr David Morris

Phone: 01283 815020

Street Responsibilities: Holts Lane (Bourne Close, Rushton Close), Wakefield Avenue, Silk Mill Lane.

Chrys Smedley

Cllr Chrys Smedley

Phone: 01283 814218

Street Responsibilities: Lancaster Drive, Priory Close, Ferrers Avenue.

Peter Steadman

Cllr Peter Steadman

Phone: 01283 812937

Street Responsibilities: Norman Road, Queens Rise, Hillcrest Belmot Road, The Park Pale

Tim Spencer-Smith

Cllr Tim Spencer-Smith

Phone: 01283 814524

Street Responsibilities: Castle Street (Castle Hill House), Park Lane (The Close), Duke Street, Fishpond Lane (Croft Terrace)

Maria Guest

Cllr Mary Upton

Phone: 01283 239339

Street Responsibilities: Fauld, (Fauld Lane, Laburnam Grove) Owens Bank, Castle Hayes, Redhill Lane, Rolleston Park